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beautiful images with quotes on life

quotes for life with images
quotes for life with images

Life quotes and images
Life quotes and images 

Quotation for life
Quotation for life 

Images of life quotes
Images of life quotes 

Image for quote on life
Image for a quote on life 

Images based on life
Images based on the life 

top quotes about life
top quotes about life

Life Quotes and sayings
Life Quotes and sayings 

motivational quotes with pictures
motivational quotes with pictures

Nice images with quotes
Nice Images with quotes 

beautiful pictures with quotes
beautiful pictures with quotes

“Live your life by yourself, don't let it go according to someone else's wish. In the end, you'll have nothing to feel and nothing to live anymore happily. Change now.”
“Do the things which can make someone smile after you, help those who depend on you, come out from where you always depended.”
“Live is short to live copying others, feel the real you, and a day is more than that of a life lived as others.”
“Love those who love you, live the life of a person with self-respect and self-value.”
“Don't search for reason, which points to stop doing.”
“Start with what you have, apply what you know and do what you love.”
“Just ignore them, who make you feel weak.”
“No one cares for you, whether you do or not. The people who seem succeed, are the ones who felt their value for themselves, in their own world.”
“Nothing would remain the same forever, everything changes. Never let yourself change for the promise to succeed.”
“You would either fail or learn something new.”
“There can't be a positive attitude, under negative thinking.”
“Everything that seems, is not always the truth. Elephants show other, and chew from other teeth.”
“Cross the limitations which make you feel like you can't.”
“Always keep moving, as time never stops for you.”
“Show the world, you are important, not for them but for yourself.”
“Doing is better than just wondering, why to do.”
“Obstacles are the thinking, we create for us.”
“Decide, whether you would do, or shy with the world, it never cared for anyone.”
“Your thinking depends on how honest you are with yourself.”
“Stop doing the things which make you feel weaker than you really are.”
“There can't be negative thinking among positive, but it's up to the choice.”
“Remember to fill the opportunities, life handed over to you.”
“Stay focused, the disturbance is not outside, but inside.”
“If you can't enjoy living, just live for what are, and what you love.”
“In life, there's no time to waste thinking of those who don't care about.”
“Your strength is your will, training is not a promise, but a direction for the will.”
“Life is not a game to play, it's a platform to create our own game and be the winner of it.”
“Don't hurt yourself for some time you don't deserve. Make yourself ready to do what makes you smile.”
“There are many who often keep hurting you and making you low, just feel them as nothing for you.”
“We are the people with all the intelligence that others had, if you can cry for someone, you too can do something to make them smile.”
“Do it, because you would be left with no option, after rejecting the chances to grow, given by life.”
“Patience and peace are related, where there's no patience, there's no peace.”
“If you can't grow yourself, stop forbidding others for it.”
“Don't see yourself inside problems, see the problems inside you.”
“Where there is the focus, there's a way for the thing done.”
“Stay calm and feel yourself at the topmost of life.”
“Do what is necessary, there are a thousand reasons to disturb you, but few to let you keep doing.”
“Success is not reaching at the top, but building more roofs after reach at.”
“Let yourself free from all the pain which hurts, but never teaches anything, they don't hurt, they just let you waste your time.”
“Never feel yourself alone, or weak, you are not born to do the things others do.”
“Successful people never limit themselves.”
“If you have the quality to accept failure, you too have the quality to win.”
“Things are easy when it comes to doing what's loved.”
“Start doing it from today.”
“Life has many opportunities to give, don't deny it saying that you can't see.”
“Strength without a will is just like Tyres with air in it.”
“Education helps you to understand the needs that you need to fulfill all your needs, and what society needed from you.”
“Never let others feel the pain, you had.”
“Be yourself, be original, because there's no one to make you feel the real you, except you.”
“A person with high suggesting for others, often have more troubles within.”
“There can't be anything like the moment which makes anyone feel their real positive value in the world.”
“Stop lying from yourself, be truthful and honest, since life will provide a moment to regret the mistakes you do.”
“Life is a sea with endless depth, you can't feel like achieved everything.”
“Learn, because life has lots of many things to teach.”
“There are many to laugh at you, life to provides you change for showing your smile. Have the patience to keep growing.”
“I'm not born perfect, but I'm responsible for making for it.” – Purosotam Kumar.
“Don't take serious decisions while sadness, promises while happiness, and judgment while in the same problem.” – Purosotam Kumar.
“Image the moment you'll have after succeeding the dreams. Start working for it, if it can be imagined, it can be achieved.”
“Let your knowledge take your growth at the highest, never undermine it. Talents are never known until it's shown.”
“Success is not the top floor, but billing stairs for reach there.”
“Starting is always taught, love it and never think your hard work limited.”
“Life will give you many chances to change and grow, accept it as soon as realized.”
“knowledge helps to understand the potential inside, and how it brings it out.”
“There will come many to stop, never hear them, they will once get on the way you left.”
“Hard work is not always hard, sometimes it's just love and joy.”
“Do your best, and best will happen to you.”
“You can't always decide the future, you can adjust to the outcome.”
“Let the world change, follow your rules which is responsible for your happiness and growth.”
“Everyone cannot face every problem, but of course, can try to overcome.”
“Show the world what's there inside, live life what comes from inside.”
“Start thinking positive for all those who never wanted you down.”
“Never let yourself fall in your own thinking.”
“The importance is most realized when it's gone.”
“Let your weakness be your power, let your dedication decide your success, let your action speak, not words.”
“Don't speak everywhere, sometimes give changes to your action.”
“Never hurt others, everyone had the right to live, as you think for yourself.”
“Do good and good will happen to you.”
“If you can't, let others go, if you stop, let others walk. Never let anyone down.”

Motivational quotes for life, with images 

Long quotes about life
Long quotes about life 

Motivational quotes on life with image
Motivational quotes on life with an image 

Meaning quote on life
Meaning quote on life 

Beautiful life quotes
Beautiful life quotes 

Image about life with quotes
The image of life with quotes

Life images
Life images

Quote of life
Quote of life

Quote in image about life
Quote in an image about life 

Life quotes about growing
Life quotes about growing

Life quotes about doing
Life quotes about doing 

Success in life quotes
Success in life quotes

Images for life with quotes
Images for life with quotes 

Inspirational images
Inspirational images 

Strong quotes for life on images
Strong quotes for life on images 

Empowerment images of life
Empowerment images of life 

Insprirational images for life
Inspirational images for life 

Motivational life quotes
Motivational life quotes

Get inspiration positive thoughts with images, visit the article 
“Don't stop today, and tomorrow there will be no reason to stop anymore.”
“See the success from the day you started working for it.”
“You can achieve all that you want, the only thing needed is the focus and hard word in the proper direction.”
“life is not a game to play, it's a platform to introduce your own games.”
“Doing is always better than wondering.”
“Make the day useful thinking you are great.”
“Don't always see the results, sometimes look at the work done behind it.”
“Look forward to face what comes, not backward to cry for things already done.”
“A real hero is the one, who does anything right for them and society.” – The Batman
“Keep yourself read to face the problems, and there will be everything According to you.”
“Never feel low to try again, the first attempt is only the way to know, how much you know about it”
“Thank them, who never left you alone, even when your shadow left you.”
“Start with whatever you have and do whatever you know.”
“Using what's discovered is not as important as using what you discovered.”
“Stay focused, and you'll reach the destination, there come many sounds from back, never turn, paths are many choices as you will, defeat, not physically but with thinking.”
“Your mind has the capacity to give whatever you want, use is, instead of giving rest forever.”
“You were never weak, were just unaware of the strength.”
“The moment someone decided to grow, they realized their potential. But when someone does something, never expected, they recognize the real purpose.”
“Start facing problems, as they were the question, you answered during exams.”
“Small but first success is the key to go long.”
“Go through the history of your life, you'll strengthen if there are some changes which may change your life.”
“Gives yourself the time needed to correct the mistake and transform into the lesson.”
“Hate them who point you for no reason, but love those who slapped because they don't can't see you in trouble.”
“Life provided you change for achieving all that you want.”
“Real and truth things are always difficult, but after it's done, there's peace as after a storm.”
“A real learner can even do without a teacher, but one without will never understand even books throughout life.”
“Learn a piece every day of what you are, and you'll be expert one day, but never stop the cycle.”

Happy life quotes

Below are some happy life Quotes which signifies how is a happy life and how must it be? 

Find out the reason to live happily and the lies which occur while accepting to be happy and lead a beautiful life.

These quotes may not be official or narrated by successful people, but holds reasonable meanings.
“There's no reason a person must be happy, it's life and it's features which you think of. And accepting, agreeing with some depicts your thinking, choices, and vision.”
“Stay happy with something you have, somewhere, someone is waking up for it, without sleeping.”
“Show love to all, even those who hate, as others do not matter much, as you for yourself.”
“Don't cry if it can be generated again, work hard again, more than the first time, also better than it.”
“Obstacles are many, hope I would cross all and reach the destiny.”
“They call me useless, but I think I was not born to proof me everywhere.”
“If you ask, life won't response, when you go to take than life would welcome.”
“Life doesn't end at a single failure, it's always more than what's expected.”
“Smile because life doesn't care whether you do or die.”
“Your thinking makes you happy! Not things.”
“Wealth is part, not a life.”
“Life is to live, bot just survive.”

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150+ positive thinking quotes for whatsapp dp

Here you are to get, 150+ positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP. If you want any type of positive thinking quote, in order to use for WhatsApp DP, then this article will provide you all those quotes.

There are various types of quotes available on this article, it will help you to get whatever types of quotes you are looking for WhatsApp DP, and wish to use some positive WhatsApp DP for your profile.

These inspirational quotes for whatsapp dp are very special for those who always prefer inspiring others with little efforts.

People can simply get inspired by having a look at these quotes.

Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP

“There is always a possibility for those who want to make things possible.”
positive thinking quotes for whatsapp dp
positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP

“The most important thing to change life is, thinking positive in a positive way.” – Robert Norman

positive thinking quotes for whatsapp
positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp

“Positive thinking helps you getting up again when the world kicks you down.”

Quotes for dp
Quotes for DP

“Don't give up, just because you found something hard to do.”

Dp quotes
Dp quotes

“Start thinking good for you, that's the way to fill your mind with positive things.”

Positive thinking dp quotes
Positive thinking DP quotes 

“to change your life, you'll have to change the thinking first.”

Positive WhatsApp DP quotes
Image sites for WhatsApp DP and status

“When you are surrounded by negativity, don't worry! Think Positive, it will guard your mind against negative effects.”

Quotes sites for WhatsApp Dp
Quotes sites for WhatsApp Dp 

“Successful people start with positive thinking, then build self-confidence and self-belief.”

Image sites for WhatsApp Dp
 Positive thinking image for WhatsApp

“If you don't find a way, make one.”

Positive thinking image with quotes, for WhatsApp DP
Positive thinking image with quotes, for WhatsApp DP
“Imagination and action have a vast difference, but positive imagination tend you doing actions.”

Images quotes for WhatsApp status
Images quotes for WhatsApp status 

“Think positive inside, to make the outer appearance positive.”

Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP and status
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP and status 

“Do what is right, and don't, what is easy but wrong.”

Dp image for WhatsApp and facebook
Dp image for WhatsApp and Facebook

“Difficult roads are present for the beautiful destination.”

Image for WhatsApp DP
Image for WhatsApp DP

“Don't love yourself for negative actions, it may eliminate positivity from inside.”

Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP, and status
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP, and status

“No one can stop you from thinking, but you can stop your negative, and start positive thinking.”

Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP, with pictures
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP

“If you want to fly, throw down what weighs you heavy.”
Positive WhatsApp Dp
Positive WhatsApp Dp

“Those who disrespect others dignity, are likely to have negativity.”

Positive thinking dp for WhatsApp
Positive thinking DP for WhatsApp

“Until you take yourself high, people at your positive now will keep disturbing you.”

Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP and Facebook post
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP

“Many people want to hurt others, before that they must know, “The pain you give to others today, will be returned to you tomorrow.”
Image about positive thinking Quotes
The image of positive thinking quotes 

“Have positive thinking, to display yourself positively, in front of the world.”

dp images for whatsapp
DP images for WhatsApp

“One who always think positive, may not have much prosperity, but whatever it has, will be good and worthy.”

Dp and caption quotes
Dp and caption quotes 

“Think so positive that there will be nothing like, nothing, in your life.”
Positive Dp quotes for whatsapp
Positive Dp quotes for WhatsApp

“Do what you love, start with what you have and use what you know.”

WhatsApp DP quotes
WhatsApp DP quotes

“Remove negativity, and adopt possibility, to have a positive life.”

DP for WhatsApp
DP for WhatsApp

“You only lose, when you fall, but don't try to get up again.”

Quotes for WhatsApp DP
Quotes for WhatsApp DP

“Think positive and move the first step towards it, you'll find the key to go long.”

Images for WhatsApp DP
Images for WhatsApp DP

“Negative thinkers may win wealth and prosperity, but positive thinking may win the world.”
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp and Facebook dp
Positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp and Facebook DP

“Having nothing but positive thinking is better than having everything, but negatively.”
Positive thinking image for WhatsApp DP
Positive thinking image for WhatsApp DP

“A positive person can be happy, even without Everything that others have, it is so because he always loves himself.”

Quotes and image sites for WhatsApp DP, status
Quotes and image sites for WhatsApp DP, status

“Think as if you matter to be someone special in the world.”
Positive thoughts DP
Positive thoughts DP

“Your efforts matter much than the words of failure.”
Quotes to use as WhatsApp DP, related to positive thinking
Quotes to use as WhatsApp DP, related to positive thinking

General information

Quotes for WHATSAPP DP
Quotes for WHATSAPP DP

Positive Thinking status

Below are some positive thinking status to use for whatsApp, or any other purpose, have a look at.

Positive Thinking status
Positive Thinking status

Positive status
Positive status 

Positive attitude status
Positive attitude status 

read this article till the end.

First of all; positive thinking quotes are those which help you understand the benefits of thinking positive and how to think positive.

It allows you to understand life better and the way you think.

Positive thinking quotes can be best for setting a WhatsApp DP, it will increase people's attraction towards you.

Moreover, there are lots of benefits we get from positive thinking quotes.

We also have other types of positive quotes for WhatsApp DP.

(Have a look at - positive messages about life)

Now read the best collection of Positive thinking quotes for WHATSAPP DP

“schools and jails are the same, because both aims to teach people, the difference is that; schools teach to avoid doing illegal, and jail teaches to avoid doing it anymore.” – Power of positive thinking.
“The world may be full of negative things, but keeping Positive thinking will make a positive world for yourself.”
“Let people know you by the love you have for yourself, and not the wealth.”
“helps to avoid problems, but positive thinking helps to solve them.”
“Apply positive actions along with positive thinking, to have a positive result.”
“Learn the methods to do something different, just don't avoid doing something difficult.” – ‘POSITIVE THINKING QUOTES FOR WHATSAPP DP.’
“Having positive thinking makes people smile, even there's no reason for it.”
“Depression occurs when there are lots of negative thinking, and this is because there's a lack of positive thinking.”
“Never think others smaller than you, or one day you will find yourself outside yourself.”
“Real human train themselves for thinking positive, they just have a positive optimistic view even in the most negative situations.”
“Don't worry, until you are positive and true, you can still have lots of tries.”
“Negative defines ignorance and Positivity to stay patience and love.”
“Everything you see is not the truth. You may be visible anything, but you are something you really know about.”
“Success belongs to those who don't run for it, rather who run to make themselves run forever.”
“Positive thinking can change the Outlook of your life.”
“Leave Everything upon the universe, just try applying your positive action, hard work and virtue, the result will come to you.”
“Positive thinking is the first step for setting the mind for a peaceful life.” – Tamara Tilleman
“Think not only for yourself but also for those who care for you, without it you can't think about yourself better, because you are present among others, as different versions of yours.”
“it may be hard, but it won't be as hard as it is when you think positive.” – Shirlene Cooper

Think positive quotes for WhatsApp DP and status
Think positive quotes for WhatsApp DP and status
“positive thinking acts as never giving up attitude, while in problems.”
“Keep a positive attitude, rather than being discouraged or giving up. At last, you'll your solutions easily.” – Catherine Pulsifer
“Positivity doesn't only make people attractive, it too transforms the way others look at.”
“many People changes with time and situations, but those think positive, will never change, but upgrade to the latest version of themselves.”
“positive thinking helps to smile even when everything tells to cry.”
“One day will come when there will be no discrimination between you and your thinking, just start to think positive today.”
“You are the one to control your thinking. Make sure to think positively and remove the negative ones. Not others, but you will be benefited.”
“You are true only when you think positive about success. There is nothing which helps to achieve success by doing negative things, because real achievement is when you feel love your deeds, internally.”
“A single tree produces, lacks matchsticks, but one matchstick can burn down lacks of trees. Likewise, one negative thought can destroy thousands of dreams.”

Short positive quotes for WhatsApp DP

“Being in problems doesn't mean that you are not living your life.” – Annette Goodheart
Love yourself for what you are, and be happy for who you are.”
“Just thinking positive can't get your success, but it'll bring you on the way of success.”
“Do hurt yourself for something you're not,
Life is one, be sure to live what you want to live.”
“Know your blessings from life, not the problems.”
“Positive having nothing is better than negative having everything.”
“Let yourself be known as better than yesterday.”
“Sometimes, we have nothing left but alone positive thinking to heal us from the pain.”
“Always have a goal to let your thinking move in a positive way.”
“Stars can be seen only in darkness.”
“Beauty is present Everywhere, you have to feel it by your positive thinking.”
“Do such a thing which makes you feel happy.”
“Thinking is free, have positive thinking rather negative.”
“Change your thought, it will change you.”
“Everyone is born original, but their thinking let them die a copy.”
“You can't live positive with a negative mind.”
“Your happiness depends on, what types of your thoughts are.”

inspirational positive thinking quotes for WhatsApp DP

Now below are some inspirational quotes for whatsapp dp that you can us to make images with. Keep reading all the quotes and find out which suits you the best.
“Thinking positive allows humans, leaving the imagination of the fake world, and teaches the truth of life.”
“You will start growing, as soon as you commit to grow.”
“No one fails, until stopped trying.”
“Everyone is born to be a success. It is the people who make themselves fail.”
“You think before doing, so just dream because you can achieve it.”
“Let your weakness empower you, as you fair, you too can overcome it.”
“No one is born perfect, it's their activities which makes them perfect.”
“Really! If you can never do it now, then there's no other time for you.”
“Problems do not make you weak, but it shows your weakness.”
“Let the world do what it does, focus on what you love to do for yourself.”
“Until one realizes and accepts its mistakes, things will always be wrong for them.”
“Do your best, one day it will return you the best.”
“Don't always try doing different, instead, do in different ways – SHIV KHERA.
“Live your own life, there's no time to live a copied life.”
“Believe in yourself, in order to make things possible.”
“You are known for what you did, not for what you will do.”
“There are many to say that you can't, but don't worry, just leave from there saying, "let's see."
“No one is ever late to set a new dream”
“Our future depends on what we saw today.”
“Apply your positive action in your dreams, to have a beautiful result.”
“Never run from the responsibilities, either small or big. As it becomes your motivation when you even succeed for a small job.”
“Respecting others will pay you the respect, required to build self-confidence and beautiful life.”
“Be a fast mover instead of being the first mover.” – Dr. Vivek Bindra.
“Do not hurt yourself for what you were tomorrow. It may weaken you instead of lifting up, as new dreams do.”
“Fill yourself with the thought for success in your goal, and it will fuel you for doing it.”
“Planing for what you can; is better than worrying about what you can't.” – Roy T. Bennett
“Problems are common in life, but the way one takes it makes them different.”
“Problems meet to everyone, but it depends on the attitude, whether to face it or become its victim.”
“Every victory doesn't need only one fight.” – Margaret Thatcher
“if you can smile while in problems, then there is nothing which can make you cry.”
“Everything exists what you want, it's your effort and actions which allows you having them at your sight.”
“Reactions defines the impact of situations.” – Epictetus
“Sometimes your weakness reveals your strength, stand up and fight the issues.”
“Your every effort and pice of hard work is worthy. A stone breaks at the last hit of hammer, but that doesn't matter that others hits were useless.”
“Take the responsibility to change your attitude into a positive form.”
“Take responsibility for your life. Never leave for others.” – Roy T. Bennett. 
“You can, you must, and if you have courage, you will.” – Stephen King
“Follow your heart, Lister yourself and skip others, at some decisions.” – Roy T. Bennett
“World will be better when people start seeing good in others.” – Roy T. Bennett
life Quotes for WhatsApp do and status,
“If no one hears you, shift to a position where you will be a teacher.”
“Although we grow up, there must be positive thinking to have the value of ours.”
“When you found something missing, build it, instead of waiting.”
“Transform your pains into motivation.”
“Something bad done to you, must not be done to others. keep such an attitude.”
“It is the people not society, which hurts your rights.”

Positive thinking quotes by successful people 

“Your dreams can only be impossible at your own thinking.” – Robert H Schuller

  • “keep dreaming, there's no limitation for it. You will only achieve when you'll want. 
  •  dreaming about something allows you understanding the situation of yours for achieving and being ready about your goals.
  • Don't stop dreaming, it's possible to get it, never make it impossible at your thinking. Open up and think you can achieve it.
  • The only limitation to your dreams is; your thinking.
  • Think you can do it, and you'll do it.
  • Never stop dreaming, you don't pay for it.
  • Bigger dreams are filled in your life, remove the obstacles by working for it. And your way is clear.

“You won't see the shadow while faced with the sunshine.” 

  • There will be no drawbacks if you keep concentration on your main job.
  • Focus on what you are doing, rather looking for the distraction.
  • Always keep going, don't turn back.
  • Life has many tests, it won't be sweet Every time. Let your feeling remain sweet. You won't feel bitter anymore.
  • Moving ahead, adopting new things is always better than turning back and regretting.
  • Winners find out the gain, losers feel the pain.
  • If you can't ignore the past, you probably can't accept the future.
  • In order to feel the benefits, remove the minus points. Benefits are always more.
  • Thinking makes the difference between the past and the future, the pains of the past are present in the thinking, but the future is; in your hand.

“Winners do things differently.” – Shiv Khera.

  • “Looser don't want facing troubles. Winners to don't wish to get more troubles, but they face it anyway.”
  • “A balloon doesn't fly because of it's color, but the gas present inside, makes it fly.”
  • “You are open to the world, until not fascinated by a particular job.”
  • “An unemployed carries many opportunities than a doctor has. As doctors keep treating others, while the unemployed can be the owner of the hospital.”
  • “Think wise not wide.”

“We become what we think.” – Earl Nightingale

  • “Don't think too bright neither too dark, think yourself as the combination of both.”
  • “You become what you think, if not now, you will tomorrow.”
  • “Don't think small, you are born to change the world, not for others, but for yourself and your lovers.”
  • “Take the responsibility to grow yourself, one day it'll turn true.”
  • “Keep positive thinking, in order to have the thing you want to have.”
  • “Your ideas may not match others, but remember, there are no matched ideas you about the thinks you see unique.”
  • “Positive Thinking helps doing all that's necessary for the dreams to be full filled.”
  • “Think positive to have positive.”
  • “Think about what you want today, and tomorrow you'll think to have more of that.”

 “Thinking Positive removes stress and uncomfortable fort with life.” – Melinda Bauer.

  • “Think positive in order to have a positive result.”
  • “The presence of positivity removes the occurrence of stress and frustration.”
  • “Whatever the situation comes, just try solving positively, and you'll win the battle.”
  • “Positive thinking removes negative thoughts you have towards life.”
  • “Feel your existence positively, and live a great life.”
  • “various doubts get cleared when filled the mind with Positivity.”
  • “Tension forces people to hurt themselves by pretending to be unknown.”
  • “Things are nearly clear if thought positive.”

“Strength comes from undefeatable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • “No matter what is the physical capacity, your real strength lies on your will.”
  • “Will power is greater than physical strength.”
  • “Physically strength is incomplete without indomitable will.”
  • “Think yourself as stronger as you want, but your real power lies on your will.”
  • “When you lose physically, you will allow you standing up again.”
  • “Charge your will, and it will empower your life with positivity and strength.”

Quotes for WhatsApp status and DP, with ‘I’

“I won't change myself with time, but upgrade.”
“I'm not from those who speak without thinking.”
“I can see myself in pain, but not others because of me.”
“To someone I truly love, I let her/him live freely, but never allow to go with anyone wrong.”
“My days start with the sweetness of positivity.”
“I do my all, I'm a positive human, and I will always protect those who love me and my being.”
“I can't think of anything which can hurt you, and I don't even let them come in your thinking too.”
“I am not good in my view, it's the world which makes me feel it.”
“I don't care what others think of me. I think I was not born to please others.”
“Don't ever try chasing me, you can't ever Catch. Just imagine one example that ‘when time gets less for me, I remove the battery of the watch and have my works done.”
“Like me and I will love you, hate me, I will want it more.”
“I don't need the spoken love from thousand, instead, one is enough who smile for me, even I'm far away.”
“I can't control myself, but the truth is that I'm always under control.”
“I don't want to live among those who hate other's living. But I never mind of them as it doesn't matter how fools think of me.”
“I know I'm something special, that's the reason why some people don't like me.”
“I don't know what others thinking of me, but there's someone who will definitely be thinking good about me; that's enough to be happy.”
“I love those who love themselves.”
“Respect other's love, as you imagine safety for someone you love, everyone has got someone who thinks the same about them.”

Some positive quotes for WhatsApp DP

“Patience can lead to achieving different to difficult situations and goals, happily.”
“Doing is better than watching always.”
“Be better then you were yesterday.”
“Nothing can help you achieving your dreams if you don't help yourself.”
“Treat your dreams bigger than excuses. You'll see the way of success.”
“Easy things won't teach anything. It's the challenges who compel us to learn new things.”
“Always be ready to learn, as life never stops teaching.”
“Something that hurts today, is going to be the relief tomorrow.”
“Keep going, there's no destination in life to stop.”
“Try helping others, you never know the return may change.”
“Be what you want, and not something that others want to see.”
“Thinking won't help to grow until good actions are added.”
“Don't reply to the question, you didn't understand.”
“Thinking helps when there's no way for the actions to go.”
“Start doing great and great will happen to you.”
“Don't regret something that's lost, work hard for the problems to come.” 

Some positive WhatsApp DP/ thoughts for DP

 “Never stop if you are able to do it more.”
“Keeping hope and patience is hard, but taking its return is awesome.”
“If you can say, I can't, you too can. Keep searching, somewhere you are great for something.”
“Life has much to give, learn how to achieve it.”
“Keep working hard, one day there will be something very great.”
“Don't let problems over one you, keep fighting to overcome them.”
“Not everyone is working hard, not because they can't, just because they don't.”
“I wise person accept to cry today, and let the future smile.”
“Nothing can stop those with unstoppable Force from inside.”


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