40+ best true quotes on friendship

True Quotes on friendship
True Quotes on friendship

Friendship is one of the most important and valuable relationships in the world, today there are lots of people in friendship, and almost every people have some friends in their life.

But it's not always as expected. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes just leave it for imagining how great it is.

Although there can be many friends at social media, and another online platform, true friendship is not present Everywhere.

Not everyone is lucky to have to true friend, but it doesn't always depend on luck, sometimes people need creating their own best.

People forget about the potential they have, which could be somehow important for others.

By that's not the reason to have a true friend.

Thus a friend is just amazing, they leave a high impact on us, while they go far.

And sometimes they help in such a situation that hardly anyone would have expected it to be.

All those who had a true friendship will know the value of it.

And honestly! True friendship isn't an agreement, it's can even be there without even being introduced with each other as friends.

Some people are just in a true friendship but never wished to, or felt like to let each other know as a friend because it's a feeling from inside, not words.

A true friend can slap, but for reminding of the truth or understanding the reality. They will never try showing the other down.

True friends are always inside the heart.

If you had any, leave a comment below with your experiences, share your opinion and let it be known by the world.

Friendship is easy to agree with anyone, but it's not that short as spoken shaking hands­čĄŁ, ‘friends’.

It's to be noted, friendship is a relation, not a business.

In this article, true quotes on friendship are mentioned. Even for true friendship or, friendship at any level.

Have a look at the collection we made about friendship, and select best according to you.

Quotes for  true friendship 

  1. “They are friends who wait for the time you go in trouble so that they can't help you come out. But are true friends, who can see you in pain.”
  2. “Friendship is a relationship with no word of agreement.”
  3. “Never show your friendship, let it be felt, ignore if there were no chances.”
  4. “Friendship can't be just as simple as the train leaving the passenger after providing a sweet tour.”
  5. “If you had real friends, you must be knowing about the value of them.”
  6. “They are great but you are much important than anyone else in the world, anyhow, a friend is those who teach about the real decision of yours.”
  7. “Friends are those who smile with you, to never let you feel their pain.”
  8. “Friendship is a sign for people to let them feel like they really have someone In life.”
  9. “Those are really great who give their sit to you and stand throughout the journey.”
  10. “One who knows everything about you, but never let anyone know your secrets, even after a big disagreement. It's your true friend.”
  11. “A good friend will not let you ran and let him feel the pain, rather he will try running together.”
  12. “Make friends but not for friendship, just for someone who can understand you in return.”
  13. “Friendship is like a relation between family, sometimes it's more than that because one cannot share everything with family.”
  14. “Jock with friends, but don't make jock of them.”
  15. “Stay away from those who are friends, just because they want something from you or making you a source for their goal.”
  16. “Friendship is always better when things are far from self-respect.”
  17. “Make friends, but as a friend, not a businessman.”
  18. “You can ignore yourself, but not those who sometimes showed you the true direction.”
  19. “Friendship is only alive, even there's disagreements and separation, but people in the heart.”
  20. “Don't call everyone as a friend, sometimes it's better to be alone, instead of thousands who make you something you don't want to be.”
  21. “A friend is true when they like us more for the quality, not quantity we have.”
  22. “They won't forget us, even after we don't care they keep places for us in their heart.”
  23. “Friendship doesn't teach anything, but it makes people learn the importance of friends in life.”
  24. “Everyone is not your friend, stop pleasing everyone.”
  25. “Don't hurt those who never wondered to do it with you.”
  26. “True friends and true love don't have bigger differences, but friends can be with you and love will be in you.”
  27. “Stop calling them friends, whoever tried to get you lower than them.”
  28. “Those are true, who knows all about you, ever the worst and still be worth you.”
  29. “Friends can lift you up, even when you no longer want to you.”
  30. “They won't ask your wealth, they ask your support for their difficult situations.”
  31. “Don't call them a friend, who tries getting up, by putting you down.”
  32. “Every friend doesn't have the same quality, they just are their real and stays the same as you.”
  33. “Friends sometimes are so helpful, which makes the other feel like they are in heaven.”
  34. “Quite the friendship, where you are just being used for something.”
  35. “There is a person for every human, don't wonder you'll find yours.”
  36. “Stay away with friends, and you'll feel yourself the more.”
  37. “Loneliness is an agreement with ourselves, that others don't matter for our happiness. We are happy even when no one around.”
  38. “Friends are only a part of life, your life is always in your own hand.”
  39. “Sometimes friends show the ways, we never imagined.”
  40. “Friendship is a source of happiness and expression. But not a guarantee to be always handled by others. Believe more on yourself.”
  41. “If today there's no friend* tomorrow you'll have more wealth, but not a good memory.”
  42. “One with more friends may have more reasons to cry, as there's many to smile him.”
  43. “Friends are important in life, they help when our shadow runs away.”
  44. “Love your friends, their purpose may be any, but never let the word friendship be down.”
  45. “Their real importance is realized when about to go very far from us.”
  46. “Live your friends now, later there will be no joy anymore.”

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Friendship is really important in life, without friends our lives are some missing it's great to part.

If you are with any friend, then respect them and try to be human-friendly to all.

And the one who really matters for your life must no be separated. Let them go far in distance but not from the heart.

Good friends always miss each other after being separated.

It's really a great moment of life to meet those friends again, after some years.

It feels like we've got something precious that was once lost inside your eyes.

Don't get friends, don't wish for return, give your best for them. It doesn't matter whether someone helps you, but a good and true friendship is possible even without any help or inspiration.

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Get, 100+ quotes for life with images 

111+ heart touching Friendship quotes with images

Here you will get the best ‘heart touching friendship quotes with images’ - friends are referred to as the strongest helping hand in human life. Without friends, life is almost like loneliness and depression.

Friendship quotes with images
Friendship quotes with images

Heart touching friendship images

Below are some heart touching friendship images where you will get friendship quotes inside the images.

This is the main highlighted images of this article.

Because here we have mentioned the images which are recently updated.

We wished sharing some heart touching friendship images to let people get what they want.

Heart touching friendship images
Heart touching friendship images 

Friendship images with heart touching meaning
Friendship images with heart touching meaning 

Heart touching friendship quotes with pictures
Heart touching friendship quotes with pictures

Friendship images
Friendship images 

FRIENDSHIP quotes heart touching
FRIENDSHIP quotes heart touching 

Friendship Quotes with images

“if you are happy, I don't want the reason. But While you are sad it's my responsibility to bring your smile back.”

Best friendship quotes with images
Best friendship quotes with Images

“We can't live together forever, but whenever we meet, I wish to see the smile that you show today.”
friendship quotes
Friendship quotes

“friendship runs with emotion, not wealth.”
Friend quotes
Friend quotes

“living with tension is opposite to living with friends.”
Quotes for friendship with images
Quotes for friendship with images

“that friendship is nothing which can draw one's vitality into darkness.”

Friendship quotes in imsges
Friendship quotes in images

“Friendship cannot be constantly crucial, but their significance towards one's life becomes important while in problems.”
Top friendship quotes with images
Top friendship quotes with images

“One may not comprehend the utility of friendship in existence but it's significant. They assist in various manners, lots of problems are understood by them, as it could be impossible for us.”
Real friendship quote

"Friends are something which heals the best in pain, but teases the most while enjoying.” (never mind good friends)
Quotes on friendship
Image: pixabay.com

“some friends solve our problems in such a way which makes us feel we were wrong about them.”
Heart touching friendship quotes with imsges
Heart touching friendship quotes with images

“never ignore them who taught you the way to deal with life” – ‘friendship Quotes with images’
Quotes for friends
Quotes for friends

“some forget their friends for the one who has just arrived to go”
Friendship real quotes
Friendship real quotes

“we may not like friends but one day some do such actions which make us feel alive” – ‘FRIENDSHIP QUOTES WITH IMAGES’.
Understanding friend, quote
Understanding friend, quote

“your help was incredible, but never let me feel you helped me for return.”

Friendship helping quotes
Friendship helping quotes

“you are alone in the world, but for someone, you alone is a world.”
Awesome friendship quotes
Awesome friendship quotes

“friendship happens it's not done, or if it is; then there is nothing to call it friendship.” – ‘TRUE FRIENDSHIP QUOTES’.

What is friendship, quote

 Introduction to quotes for friendship 

111+ quotes for friendship on each basis, sadness, happiness, betray and more.

This article is not based on quotes by great thinkers, the true experience of life is being shared in the article, the experiences people have with Friendship.

Friends are a must in human life, they can help organize the best of our life, whatever we do there must be a guide for us even while we are true.

It helps us how others think about us.

Friends allow us to overcome situations, some remind us of our good achievements whereas some compel us to face problems without being serious.

In some cases they are incredible.

They are someone who wants to know the actual situation of ours and always tries to remove difficulties from our life, its because they wish to have a joyful life with our smiles, for which they are ready to get troubles.

Some people don't give importance to friendship, they feel like it is useless and time-wasting to be with friends.

It is true in some outbreaks but not at every means.

Some friends just want to see good on us, they characterize one according to the way they are living, followed by positivity.

Friendship is new to many, but when one does something worthy of it then they come to know what friendship really is.

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Best Quotes about friendship

Best quotes about friendship
Best quotes about friendship 

  • “true friendship occurs when each knows everything about the other.” – FRIENDSHIP QUOTES WITH IMAGES.
  • “loving fiends only in mood and needs is not friendship, but loving in every situation.”
  • “friendship is key to the mental development of humans.”
  • “love from my parents is great but love in friendship is ultra great.”
  • “friendship is nothing which takes, but it also gives in return, whether happiness or sorrow.” – FRIENDSHIP QUOTES.
  • “if someone important says, leave friendship, just leave it because you can't ever leave it from inside.”
  • “believe friends but never trust while you enjoying, or they will enjoy you.”
  • “have great friends but never leave the one who wants to be your friend but doesn't have the quality.” 
  • “friends can improve our ways of living, not by proving happiness but also by correction with sadness.”
  • “friendship is incomplete without enjoyment and life is too without friendship.” 
  • “love your friends, not for the company they provide, but for the gratification, they reap from you.” (keep smiling, don't get offended)
  • “thousand are not enough too if chosen unwisely, one can be a life-changing friend and it's possible.”
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 heart touching friendship quotes with images in English

“Everyone cannot be a friend, because friendship is something where people wish to go see happy and curious to make happy.”

Quotes in  image
Quotes in image

“When you remember someone the most in problems, he is your real friend.”

Quotes in  image
Quotes in  image 

“many takes advantage of friendship, but one also knows for what purpose he is being called a friend.”
“surround yourself with people who are not only worried but also happy to be with you.”
“love for friends cannot be explained, but  could be shown in silent feelings.”

Quote to a friend
Quote to a friend 

“Friends not only wait for you but reach to you when you stop.”
“life is interesting with lots of enjoyment, but joy is incomplete without friends.”

“sometimes friends give more than our expectations. Not physically, but with feeling.”
“it's better to have one who cares Rather thousands who love to be cared.” – ‘HEART TOUCHING FRIENDSHIP QUOTES’
“friends are helpful, but a concerned friend will never help while we are wrong.”
“friendship is not done, it's made with silent words.”

True friendship quotes with images

True friendship quotes with images
True friendship quotes with images

“true friends lift you up even when the world never knew when you were down.”
Friendship quotes
Friendship quotes 
“The best of one can brighten our lives life, but thousand cannot do anything, more than nothing for us.”
Quotes of friendship
Quotes of friendship
“a true friend is the one who remembers you even after you forget.”
Friendship images
Friendship images
“probably, others may have, but a true friend doesn't have any reason to be with you for getting something.”
Friendship images and quotes
Friendship images and quotes 

“You will notice, others can leave you till your home but a true friend will wake you up from the bed.”
“when problems are ahead, some friends change their way, but some still remain to face problems along with you.”
“he will not only encourage you but will force you to do good.”
“keeping lots of friends is just cool but
 “true friends are real cooler.”
“if you will want my company I'm with you, but while you have problems, remind me, to return me the favor by including me with you.”
“i may be far living alone but I still can see you by your happiness.”
“i would like to throw my shoes if you walk barefooted me with.”
“i will always help you, but never appreciate me through words, your happiness is worth enough.”
“it is difficult to find good friends, difficult to be with it, and unthinkable to leave.”
“good friends know everything about us, but true friends do everything for us.”
“a true friend will make you cry while you are normal, but the same will do everything to make you normal while you cry.”
“friendship doesn't mean to be together, but to be punished and be happy together.”
“it is possible to hide something with friends, but impossible to hide with true friends.”
“a friend with lots of things from us is not always necessary, but one with lots of things for us is necessary.”
“no matters whether others are true with you. Just be true with all as a true friend.”
“friendship turns into love but there is no sign for the difference between love and friendship.”
“friends make us happy, but a true friend turns our life into happiness.”
“if someone still want to wet with you in the rain, it's your friend, because a true friend will slap and take you inside the roof.”
“difficult situations are something which allows distinguishing true friends.”

Emotional Quotes for friendship with images

“When we'll get far from each other, never mind, but just remember of the moments I insulted you and made furious.”

Emotional Quotes for friendship with images
Emotional Quotes for friendship with images

“i can't do anything for you, but I too can't see your problems unsolved.”

Quote for friend in a image
Quotes for a friend in an image 

“let's find the best opportunities which can allow us living together forever.”

Be a friend, quote
Be a friend, quote

“now you won't understand why you were forbidden to bad habits, but only when you reach the top; remember me.”

Useful friendship quotes
Useful friendship quotes

“living with lots of joy is incomplete until you are not included in my life.”

A quote for the friends
A quote for the friends 
“do best for your life, may God gives all your prosperity.”

Quotes for friendship in pictures
Quotes for friendship in pictures

“I'm not your life partner, but never exclude me.”

Quote for friends images
Quote for friends images

“friends are not because of the same quality, but just because their hearts beat equally.”

111+ friendship quotes
111+ friendship quotes

“everything is shareable with friends except the feeling which we have for them.”

Shareable friendship quotes
Shareable friendship quotes

“Friends show their friendship always, but their love can be seen while in difficulties.”

Friends quotes for sharing
Friends quotes for sharing 

“never appreciate me, I don't want your words, but just to see your smile throughout your life.”

Friendship quotes to share
Friendship quotes to share

“i always scolded whenever you tried insulting me, it was not because i hate you, but just because I couldn't understand the meaning.”
Friendship quotes from images
Friendship quotes from images

“leave Everything which makes you feel depressed, if required, include me there.”

Happy friends quotes
Happy friends quotes

“Some don't share secrets in present, but only when they get in trouble.”

Best friend quote
Best friend quote

“friends are positive but some just hate, if we have something premium.”

Article image for friendship quotes
Article image for friendship quotes

“my dear, you may get something more precious than I have, but you'll have to work for your life, don't look at others.”

Quotes to share with friends
Quotes to share with friends

“if you think you have more wealth then me, just remember, I never looked at my position because in friendship wealth is nothing more then jock.”

A quote for a friend
A quote for a friend

True quotes about friendship with images

True quotes about friendship with image
True quotes about friendship with image

Friendship quotes with definition.

1. “friendship is not a registration but an engagement between two creatures.”

Friendship is a word that stands for the engagement and love between two, but this love is not actually something that holds every feeling for each other.

Whenever someone meets a new person, he/she start connecting with. Later on, they keep conversations between them and cross some situations together.

After which they start knowing about the life of each other and when there are similarities between their life, they become friends.

And so, we cannot call everyone as our friend, from the heart. Anyhow in a deep sense, we must be friendly with every human. But a friend is someone who understands the purpose of our lives.

The meaning of this quote is that everyone cannot be out friend just for the value of words.

But a friend is found standing behind us in darkness, to save us while we feel alone.

2. “it's worth having nothing than having something  wrong.”

This applies not only in friendship but in many other Conditions related to life.

As it says that, having nothing is better than something wrong. 

Just assume that a person is having something, but it's not legal since the person doesn't have any proof for it that the particular thing belongs to him.

Now, if it's not legal then, of course, the person may have to bear problems for that.
Here, it's better for him to throw what he has, or, if not then he may have problems in the future.

Likewise, a friend is none of use and meaning if it turns negative and has the wrong effect on our life.

It's our responsibility to say no! To anyone whom people consider wrong for humanity.

Anyhow, many of these people are attractive and we become close to them followed by habits.

A negative friend can have lots of uncomfortable impacts on other's life.

It can also destroy the lives of people if failed to understand, what action to take regarding any decision.

But there is one more reasonable impact of this, as one is negative and inhuman, then people have opportunities to turn them into positive.

For this, lots of courage and strength is required, as we will be transforming someone into a better human.

3. “do best for yourself, I will be there with you forever.”

This quote recalls the forgotten and invisible interference of a friend on the success of someone's life.

People doesn't know how impactful their friends are towards the success of their life.

Not always but there are certain people who convey that their success was a way shown by their friends.

If there is true friendship among the two, of course, there will be some willingness to help each other.

A true friend never want their friends to know its contribution to the success of one's life. This is because they want to make their friends feel the success achieved by themselves, not by someone else.

And this motivates a person to self-love and encouragement.

But a friend will never want the other to depend totally on someone rather than itself.

Because this can lead to negativeness.

4. “Everyone doesn't like to show, but they love you.”

Friends are not always the same, there are different types of friends with different appearances.

We may not know the actual performance of some friends in our lives, this is because many people don't like to show what they do, and while it's common with others.

And because of this, some fail to understand the inner messages of their friends.

Not all but some people belong to this type.

And it can be a huge damage to our life and understanding if we don't recognize the actual meaning of the signals by our friends.

Some don't like to speak attractive words always, and they just behave like a simple human and friend but they are not that.

They try to let their fellows understand them by their hidden actions and words, but many fail to understand them and think of them as useless.

never mind of your friends who-every spoke to you about positivity and lived positively.

Because those people are likely to be friendly with their life and they love their own life.
“friendship is not about attractive words, but words with something reasonable meaning.”
These friends will not speak much, but whatever they speak is from the heart and for something good.

Try understanding them, sometime their words may hurt you or make furious, but it's for something betterment.

5. “friendship is love, and love that exists for nothing, but for the engagement of creatures.”

This may confuse in some meanings, but it means that friendship is just a love for feeling and not for sometime exchangeable or a source.

Lots of people like to be friends only for the value of something that one has. It can be a physical thing, wealth or prosperity.

Of course, we can accept friends while having prosperity, but we must define whether it's good for our health?

Because our dignity must be maintained, therefore, if some try to be with us and on the other side makes us a part of evil, then we must say ‘no.’

Friendship must sound transparent and not for something that someone owns.

Or it can have a negative impact on lives.

“Never differentiate if positive, and beware of those who don't come for sometimes you have.”
It must be noticed whether someone is a friend for what and why, as people act according to that. This makes us unable to understand the fact better and distinguish between true and fake friends.

6. “Be friendly to yourself, before being a friend of others.”

The quote conveys that, love towards others cannot be felt until there is love for ourselves.

Just like we do in case of any work, that before becoming a teacher we have to be a student first.

The same goes here, if we won't find the true value of ourselves, we won't be able to stay friendly with others.

So it's very important to be friendly with ourselves.

There are many disagreements we do with ourselves. Sometimes we just do something without wondering for the impact that it could render to our career and future.

And there are many more disagreements we do with ourselves, this causes us to become irresponsible and make us attractive towards negativity.

Because when we start loving ourselves, we are likely to be attracted to positivity, this is not manual actions, but natural.

And to love ourselves, we will have to find uniqueness among ourselves, and we can't be glum thinking that we don't have any uniqueness, but each human is unique.

Because there can't be a copy.

So we will love to love ourselves, and I have ‘best quotes to love ourselves’ make sure to check it out.

Sad friendship quotes

“friendship is not maintained longer, but it lives forever.”
“If we won't understand our true friends today, then we will lose something very important tomorrow.”
“making fun of someone is common in friendship, but many come to know after they lose their friends.”
“after having a friendship for so long in school life, we have to choose our carrier, for which friends are separated from each other.”
“life teaches many good things, but a good friend can teach something that is required to learn good things.”

FAQs about friendship quotes

1. What friendship really means?

Answer - friendship is an engagement between two people. It happens, but there is no way to make a real friendship as it is made naturally

People don't need any agreement in order to make good friends, because here people love to be with others or want to live including others in their life.

But there must be an understanding among the friends, if not, then it may create problems which is the reason why friendship becomes weak.

In friendship, people do not target to be with someone just because of the things it has. But friendship doesn't need any status.

2. What is a good friendship quote?

Answer - the quotes which stand for the value and importance of friendship in life, can be called a good friendship quote.

This is because it signifies how important friends can be in life.

These types of quotes are almost true.

 3. What do you say to your best friend?

Answer - this question means that; what are the words to say with a friend, by which he/she can understand how much we are caring and curious for them!

We should always try to be true with our best friends and never share their secrets with others. And try to help them as much as possible.

We should also share our feeling with them freely without any hesitation.

(Also read - quotes from teachers to students)

4. What is a true best friend?

Answer - a true friend stay with us forever, in every situation and problems.

They help us carry out the best of our lives and treat us like their own life.

They do not distinguish themselves with us, their main intention will be to improve the quality of lives for all their friends.

These friends are natural and helpful to us.

Conclusion (final words)

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