15+ best Shiv Khera Quotes for inspiration

If you are looking to get motivated by quotes by Shiv Khera, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get the quotes based on shiv khera's experience.

Shiv Khera Quotes
Shiv Khera Quotes

Shiv Khera has been from a small family, he lost his father early at the stage of college life.

He failed in his life many times. He was married while in the struggle period.

He had failed a lot in life. But certain understandings made him come out of that.

He stood for himself when he realized that he is just open to the world! He found himself, bound with nothing! And had the opportunities to grow as much as possible.

In this article, we have not directed every exact word of Shiv Khera, but we have mentioned the quotes from the understanding of what his experiences were, and what he would like to share with the world, about his success, and how one must react with the way of life.

quotes by Shiv Khera

“Success is not how much we have in life, but how much we try again and again after being failed.”
“Successful people accept reality, and hold their responsibility, they are not among those who point others for their mistakes.”
“Don't be a student, who just failed because he didn't like the subject or the teacher. We are the only to fill our responsibility, if problems hurt you, the success shall too be sweet.”
 “If you think you can - you can. If you think you can't - you cannot.”
“Being positive doesn't mean to overlook faults and problems.”
“An uneducated thief may steal the things inside a box, but an educated thief may steal the whole box. We need to understand the value of Knowledge and virtue, not qualification grades.”
“Ability provides you success, but character can keep a person successful.”
“Success is after overcoming problems, and not the absence or inexistence of problems.”

Shiv Khera you can win quotes

“Right decisions taken at wrong time, is a wrong decision.” – Shiv Khera
thinkers believe that every problems come with same or bigger opportunity for providing success.” – Shiv Khera 
“To a positive thinker, a setback can be a stepping-stone to success.”
“People can be bigger assets or liabilities.” – shiv khera
“winners find out the solutions for everything problems whereas losers always find problems for every solution.” – inspired by, ‘YOU CAN WIN’ Shiv khera
“Atritude is the foundation to success.”
“A person with a positive attitude is like a fruit of all seasons.” – Shiv Khera 
“spend so much time to improve yourself that you will have no time left to criticize others and their actions. Get busy on yourself so that you won't get busy, pointing others.” – ‘You Can Win, Shiv Khera.”

shiv khera motivational thoughts and quotes

1. “Don't always perform different things, rather, do things differently.” – shiv khera.

“search for the way, you can copy exactly what others are doing. This will make you nothing interesting. Every person may like enjoying a holiday, but it's not necessary to travel the trip with the same means!”

“The way you like to teach, may not be preferred by others. The goal is to teach and not how you teach.”

Try doing things at your own sight. Don't always wait for the means of copying others or do the same. If you try more, there will be something more. If failed, it's a lesson.

“Habituate doing things, losers don't like to do.”

“Looser don't like to do things, and winners to don't like, but they do it.”

 2. “Notice what you gain, and not the pain you get on the way.” – shiv Khera 

Quotes by – Shiv Khera
Quotes by – Shiv Khera 

Not always, but many times, people fail, and they often trying finding out the problems and the disadvantages they get while doing any work.

Many seem to stop going, after noticing certain issues but ignoring the benefits which really had.

There may be many pain, many disadvantages according to the thinking of different people while doing something. But if you focus on the pain; you'll not be attracted to the real benefits.

It's important to know the pain, but ignore those, which tends you to stop doing it.

Find out the real satisfaction and what you gained through the action.

3. “until your vision is your goal, you won't find the way difficult.” – Quote according to shiv Khera

Keep high determination about your goal, focus on your goal and keep doing for it. Don't get lazy. Obstacles are unlimited if you must spot and think of it.

But when you really want to reach your destination, focus on the goal and keep going. You'll get the result one day.

Many people seem to get lazy and demotivated just because of the obstacles.

Don't do that! Keep going, if you want to achieve, then you have to achieve it.

4. “Good people are assets, rest are liabilities.” – shiv Khera Quotes

Shiv Khera mentioned this quote in one of his motivational speeches. He said this in order to motivate people for understanding that, being bad or ignoring to get transformed from bad to good, will cost them much and pay nothing.

It's better to be good without nothing, but being bad, having everything.

Become the real value of life is understood when one comes to be an example. What are they going to be for others? What contribution they made for the progress?

Good people are those who if didn't have anything, they also can teach others the peace we get in life, being a good and positive person.

5. “Positive thinking, along with a positive attitude and action, can increase your chances to win.” – Quotes of Shiv Khera

Positive thinking is about you can. and positive is about possibility and reasonable which means, worthy.

But can positive thinking do all for you? No! Because just thinking is like a shoe without pair.

We have to maintain a positive attitude and transform our words into positive messages for us. And then have positive actions. We have to relate our positive words with positive actions!

Because when we use positive along doing then, of course, we feel premium that we can do it. And it's nothing about impossible and laziness.

Just start thinking positive along with doing, and then you'll see a positive result.

Don't just wait for the thinking of doing everything for you, do it!  Keep on going, don't let yourself think about you can't.

Remember, maintaining positive actions and all environment positively, will transform your life into a positive life.

6. “skill helps till you are on the match, but will allow getting back to match again and again.” - Shiv Khera.

Quotes of shiv khera
Quotes of Shiv Khera

Skill and will together is very important for the growth of human life.

We have to gather our skills and continue to expand it. Without skill, actions are incomplete. On the other hand, it will allow you to keep doing.

Skill is what you do, and will is how long you do.

Doing will often face problems and lots of obstacles will arrive on its way. And there, will help you to keep doing without worrying much about the problems. It tells you that you have to do it for yourself and your success.

It lets you keep going.

Always focus on your true goals, because there you'll have both skill and will together.

You'll want to throughout your life, without stopping.

7. “True dream is not among those which comes while sleeping, but they are something which don't let you sleep.” – motivational quotes by Shiv Khera

Dreams are the best part of our life, every one of us has a dream. We dream not only for the future or for success, but also for today and tomorrow.

Dreams help us getting things and working for getting it.

Don't wonder, you'll not fail until your dream is realistic.

Set a positive dream which can help you waking up early and sleeping late.

Your dream is not those which you get after sleeping, but those, which you have for life and goal.

Let your goal become your motivation and determination to fo.

Have a dream, you are free to have unlimited realistic dreams. It will help you knowing yourself better and understanding the way, life works.

8. “Success is not the absence of problems, but it's the control and win over problems.” – success quotes by Shiv Khera.

Many of us think to be in a world where there will be no problems, we assume ourselves to live in those conditions which can provide us happiness without doing anything.

But this is just as useless as wasting time on nothing.

Try working for something you want, don't stop doing. Keep growing and one day you'll get that Everything where you wanted yourself to be.

Solve your problems, get control over it, let it be defeated by you and your action.

Don't think success as the absence of problems.

Life is nothing about without problems.

See the journey of every successful people you know. It's sure they had crossed difficulties on their way.

Keep growing. Know the problem ls and become its solution.

9. “Don't be shy to call yourself, a salesman.” – salesman quote of Shiv Khera

If you are providing anything to someone and being a pain in return, you are a salesman.

Many feel shy to introduce themselves to the mane of a salesman.

They must know that he too called himself a salesman, in one of his speeches.

He did this because the salesman is not doing any wrong thing.

They are providing people what they need!

In any sense, they do not need to feel shy, rather they must be proud of it, if they are doing their job with love from inside, then there must be curiosity to let people them by their job.

10. “Accept the reality, which arrives in your way.” – Quote, inspired by Shiv Khera.

Don't lie to yourself. Find the real reason which makes you feel back word and keep working on solving it. 

You'll find many ways to prevent lying to yourself.

Do those things which provide you a real feeling. Don't adjust to something where you are not free.

Know that you are a unique and single piece in the world. You can become a success too as ‘Shiv Khera.’

11. “look yourself in the mirror and imagine how much worthy you really did.” – Shiv Khera Quote.

Some people just assume as if they did a lot but didn't found the result.

In this case, many people stop or force themselves to stop. They are not doing the main thing. And that's, finding out the amount of work they really did for their success.

Just see, how much others did in order to create something or achieve something. If you are passionate, you won't need this quote, but if you think to stop, then remember, you'll have to do a little more than what already done by others.

The process may be the same way of doing doesn't need to be accurate.

Some agree to apply their full effort on it, while some full life.

Don't just stop, keep doing and you'll see the result one day.

12. “People cannot be judged by the company they keep, but also the agreements and things they avoid.” – inspiring quote by Shiv Khera

Don't define someone by its ability to accept things, but also measure their limitations by the things they avoid.

A good person doesn't need to have all good and bad together. But he needs to understand the difference between them and way of using those things in life.

Bad things can't be useful for us, so-called them bad.

If you really want to be something good, then avoid bad things and have positive signals through good things in life.

If someone doesn't have anything good, then he too can be good if he doesn't have anything bad.

If you don't have anything good, don't have bad things too. It'll make you good.

“A good teacher will not give for drinking but will make.”

13. “Some break themselves, while some break records, at the same time.” – Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera quotes in english
Shiv Khera Quotes in English

It's is the choice, if you get lazy, you stop, but when you are determined, you will do it more. There will be no problems which can stop you from achieving your success.

People tend to force themselves to get lazy. Some just avoid doing, while others win at the same time.

What do you think is the difference between them? Well, it's just their thinking towards their ability. Some just stop, thinking, that they can't ever do it. They just limit themselves and think of being unsuitable.

But at the same time, others do it.

This is because they do not limit themselves.

They keep doing until they get it, and never speak they can.

14.“Justice is when done truthfulness.” – Shiv Khera

Justice means giving someone the true value of their actions or what has been done to someone.

Therefore, there cannot be justice if some time is done without knowing the truth or ignoring it.

15. “Bigger the problems, better the opportunities.” – Shiv Khera 

If you have big problems, don't worry but wait. You will have big opportunities at the time.

Just keep going and don't turn back, if you turn, see the improvements you made, don't stick with the memories of your enjoyment.

If you try working for bigger problems. You'll find that there are lots of big opportunities, after all, the only thing you have to do is, hard work and smart work along with positive thinking and attitude.

Keep going.

16. “Success is a matter of choice, not chance.” – Shiv Khera 

Success is present Everywhere, the moment you decided to change yourself. You are on the way to success.

You can't have something which is named success. But feel it, let your improvements make your day.

Be happy for the first step you took and keep doing.

17. “Moving in direction is better than moving with speed.” – SHIV KHERA.

Inspirational quotes by shiv Khera
Inspirational quotes by Shiv Khera 

Don't be just a fast mover, but move in a proper direction which will have something for you.

Just moving with speech will lend you nowhere.

‘Shiv Khera’ once said in one of his speeches. “move with directions, not with speech.” this quote teaches us that direction is important in life.

If not, then too we get to learn many things. And learning by failure will last with you throughout your life.

18. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” – Shiv Khera, you can win the quote.

Winners keep doing, they don't quit because of certain problems or obstacles.

Their intentions are to make perfection on their actions, along with will Will and dedication.

But losers stop doing and tell themselves that it's impossible and better doing something else.

This is what's the difference between the losers and the winners.

Never quit. Keep doing it if you earn something from it.

Perfection comes when there's more practice. Love what you do and learn from it.

Implement new techniques, you discovered.

19. “Make commitments, rather than promises.” – Shiv Khera.

Making promises means you may do and will not avoid it. But commitment means, saying to yourself about doing it.

Commitment is more effective then promises.

Commitment keeps pushing towards performing actions.

20. “Have a vision that can see the invisible. It will allow us to do the impossible.” – Shiv Khera.

Don't force yourself to undermine the truth, whatever you see, make sure to understand the deep meaning of it.

Program your mind to understand the reason why something is, and what is being ignored.

If you can find out those reasons, then of c, of course, you will find out the solution one day.

And the invention you make will break the thought of impossibility.


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Shiv Khera is a famous writer, business consulter and more. He has written sixteen books in sixteen different languages.

He is very popular for writing books. His one book “You Can Win,” has been sold t
More than three million, in many countries.

Many get benefited through his book.

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We tried helping people to know about some quotes from Shiv Khera.

Thank you for reading this article.

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Watch this video of shiv Khera here he has given an awesome speech on success and motivation.

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Best remarkable School life Quotes

School life is known as an interesting period of living, everyone realizes the value of school life when it comes to the ending. And enjoy a lot while having a school life. In this article, you'll get all types of school life Quotes, and it's mainly about school life Quotes.

Best remarkable School life Quote
School life Quotes

School life quotes

Now read these quotes and find out the best for yourself. These are highlighted quotes, you'll find 100+ quotes in the article which points at school life.
  • School is the place for shaping ourselves, there are many activities that hold students within, and let them live a life of sincerity and learning. – school life quotes
  • School teaches you and then takes the test. But life provides tests which teaches us.
  • We can't learn until we are determined to be a learner who wills to be filled by knowledge and virtue.
  • Missing school means, missing those friends and teachers who really had some impact on life.
  • In school life, we often find friends, we ever found in life.
  • School life is the time for people to have unlimited fun while learning. – School Life Quotes
  • During school life, one may not understand the value of it. But only when they are out of that. – School Life Quotes
  • Remember the place where you had various types of friends, lots of teachers and plenty of books. That was one of the best moments of your life.
  • Don't judge yourself ok the basis of marks you get. Because you are unlimited.
  • The one who misses school life the most, have the best memories of it.
Quotes about school life
Quotes about school life

  • School life is the best moment of life, not just because we learn, but also because we gain new things and habits. – School Life Quotes
  • School is a door of success for some, and also the best, time - passing place for few.
  • Going to school every day will not make a remarkable memory, but doing something which makes the whole school applause for you. This achievement will last forever.

Introduction to school life quotes

So, are you missing those days when you had to spend your six hours sitting and leaning? Or you want to know the best quotes about your school life? In this article, we have mentioned every quote about school life.

School is a place which makes people their best if concerned about it.

Today lots of children are under school life. And knowing the life-changing things provided by the school; will transform your view about recognizing yourself in school life.

Because, many are found uninterested in school, while many missed their school life.

There are different cases and different views about schools and school life.

Students need to care about their life. Since many misuse their time, while some focus on, and found themselves inside the door of success.

School life is the best part of humans.

And here in this article, we have mentioned various types of quotes that really talk about the importance of school in life, and the things learned during school life.

Keep reading till the end, and i assure you! You will find out the quotes, for which you were looking for.
We also have mentioned some positive messages about school life.

List of school life quotes 

This is the list of school life quotes. Here you'll find 40+ Quotes that you really wanted.
  • The time we spend at schools is worthy if we really like knowing something for the betterment of ourselves. – school life quotes
  • There can be no painful moment at schools if students are punished along with friends.
  • Life teaches numerous things every day, but school life teaches to learn things every day.
Image, about school life Quotes
Image, about school life Quotes 

  • Rules followed by students in school are directed to make students learn about rules to follow for a better life.
  • Not everyone gains Everything from school, but everyone learns something. (School always teaches us).
  • School is an example of learning by doing things, that define homework.
  • Miss things while in school, one day you'll be missing your school life while doing things.
  • Become better for yourself, as there can't be any other who can write for you while in exams.
  • Don't learn things which cause harm to yourself, rather, learn things which teach to save yourself from causing harm.
  • A good learner will try knowing everything which can help them learn more.
Motivational school life quotes, image
Motivational school life quotes, image 

  • School life is not the best moment, but the greatest moment of life.
  • Do your best at school. You'll often love doing your best everywhere.
  • Like we do at our school, the same is followed which being sincere at life.
  • One who never loved school are among those, who either don't know what is life, or the one who just knew what life really is going to be.
  • Let yourself learn today, in order to earn tomorrow.
  • School life is one of those keys which can really help to open the door of success, without actually finding the lock.
  • School life makes us feel the and patience required throughout life.
  • Don't hate your school life. Just because you'll get no more chances to feel its love anymore.
  • Live your school life, as you are going to miss it a lot. Never reject school, it brightens up the futures.
  • Those who really love. learning is the best example of knowing the reality of schools.
  • As you are taught discipline, you are being prepared mentally in order to be a sincere person.
  • Hard words during school life is training for us to self prepare, to learn the principles of it. Just remember the moment you feel after solving a problem. The same is felt when you achieve something great in your life. Love your school.
  • Keep your concentration up to date, improve your capacity to pay attention. You will get more habituated to learn and concentrate.
  • School life is nothing more than training, to prepare ourselves for the future.
  • Always keep a positive view towards school, you'll love yourself more for this s positive decision.
  • Get your responsibilities done every moment, you'll feel more proud of yourself.
  • Get ready and leave for school, just remember, you are going to learn many new things there. Love your school life.
  • Never reject a helping hand. As you share your pen, with your classmates, you too will help others when needed for any help.
  • Today you may feel lazy for going to school, but one day it will become your memory, you'll just remember it and smile.
  • Don't treat anyone with hate, love every student of your school, just ignore, whatever their attitude is.
  • The students who are always eager to talk with teachers are always curious to meet them again and again in the future.
  • You will always remember the times, you were punished by teachers. One day you are going to recognize their punishment inside your success.
  • Teachers love every student, but they don't seem to have to love for anyone.
  • School life is incomplete without being insulted.
  • Never compare yourself with others, because school treats everyone equally, but they never force you to copy others. This is what school contributes to be original in life.
  • Never mind friends in schools, just imagine them as someone who was unknown to you. 
  • Life seems very busy during school time. But this is just training, as life is not about taking rest.
  • Always think about the equality of yours, you are not born to do the same thing as your classmates do. Try something unique.
  • Love your school today, in order to cry less tomorrow.
  • The who really wants to do something; doesn't need the support of anyone, but help is always necessary.
  • Knowledge will last forever, whether you forget them or don't use them. But it's with you until you go opposite to it.
  • Many come and many go, but those are always remarkable who taught you something new about your life.
  • I miss some friends, as I did never believed in friends, but those were the friends, who made me feel really like there's something called friendship. Now I wish to be with them but life doesn't allow it to be done.
  • School life is an example of the routine which must be followed in order to have a well-maintained life.
  • School doesn't give anything, but simply allow us to take things by ourselves.
  • The pain we get during school life, is the relief for several pains of the future.
  • Everyone is just the same, it doesn't matter how smart you are, but what you learn is something which really matters.
  • Teachers not only provide us notes, but they also signify the warnings when we do mistakes knowingly.
  • Keep your attitude idle, in order to prepare yourself for the positive life you are going to have.
  • Education will remain with one forever, it cannot be taken away.

School life-ending quotes

These are the quotes that point at the school life-ending. Many of us missed our school life a lot. At the time of being in school, we didn't know that one it's going to be so much pain for us to leave it. 

So read these quotes about it.

School life ending quotes
School life ending quotes

  • You'll forget everything, but the moments spent at your school, are always present with you forever.
  • Just remember the time you were admitted to the school, compare it with the moment of leaving school life forever. You'll smile with silent tears.
  • Don't leave schools, if you are in love with them. Just promise that their contribution towards your life will never be unsuccessful.
  • Books were a slight burden while you were just new to school life. But it will stay will you forever, in your behavior, Civic sense and success.
  • The proudness of those days, the memories with friends, and the punishments along with friends are going to be with you forever.
  • You'll miss them more who always tried to make you laugh by laughing at you.
  • Don't worry, one day you'll visit your school again, but not as students. Just as a simple visitor.
  • The best moment of school life ending is when you hug everyone who sometimes tried to do wrong about you. As it shows that mistakes are common in life.
  • As people leave school life. There must be a positive impact on them, that we must enjoy and use our time wisely. As it never comes back again.
  • Don't cry now, just remember the things you did at your school, be happy for what you achieved, and be an example to those, who Currently do not love their school life. Don't let others feel the same pain, as you did.
  • Let yourself feel the love of life, understand the way of dealing with it. Schools are something that respects us the most by treating everyone equally. Say thanks to it.
  • Love your school today, you won't get anyone to change again.

Learning Quotes about school life

About school life quotes
About school life quotes

School life is full of learning. The main purpose of our school is to teach us, it's not only notes and answers, but a combination of different types of activities.
Read these quotes about learning
  • Learning is the process of sharpening ourselves as done in the case of metallic tools.
  • Schools are definitely the best place to learn, but if we don't do it, schools can't do anything for us.
  • Keep learning just because there's no ending of it.
  • Keep yourself ready to welcome new things, always see the positive thing which can help you and your positive life.
  • Learn to shine; don't waste your time learning things that force you performing any activity.
  • Do what's necessary and learn what's necessary for doing things, you love 
  • Make your life as comfortable as possible. Fill your thinking with patience. But never keep your book aside for the sack of reading tomorrow.
  • Life will teach you unlimited things. But to learn, learn how to learn first.
  • School I life is precious time which makes people understand, how the future is going to be.
  • Relate your life with school. As many think, life without school is better. But remember, school is teaching us the way our life is going to be and the perfect activity to be performed at the perfect timing.
  • Don't just read, understand the purpose of reading. There always something in books, which can help your actions be better.
  • If you just like reading, there will be no book for you which bores.
  • Take responsibility for yourself. Imagine yourself alone on an island. With any other existence. We have to do things for us.
  • Today is the time to start a new life. Just keep going and do what's worth doing and keep growing.
  • Never get defeated. Remember, every game doesn't look for a winner. But to play is winning.
  • Learning is not just memorizing things, but understanding them.
  • A perfect learner has no reason to learn. It's just a willingness that attracts them towards reading and knowing about things.
  • Never learn something which can hurt you and discourage you from life.
  • Keep doing things you love, know the things you need to do something better than did before.
  • Perfection must be under the process of learning.
  • Interest yourself about knowing more things. Never get limited. As there are already limited things at risk.
  • Solve the problems, not because you are a pain for it. But just because you will solve it.

Motivational collection about school life quotes;

Quotes for school life
Quotes for school life 

Motivate yourself by reading these motivational quotes about school life.
  • If you are leaning, don't worry, one day you'll get positive results from it. Don't just work for instant happiness, but concentrate on long term success. 
  • Love your school life, you are going to miss it one day, it's not just words, but a real feeling of students.
  • Keep a positive attitude towards your actions, never do something which makes you lie to yourself, truth is always difficult. just remember that nothing comes without hard and smart work. – motivational quotes about school life 
  • You are not a student because of the uniform, but you are in the stage of learning. Let it process happily. 
  • Teachers often say ‘be positive and work hard’ it meaning that work hard, but never get on the way of negativeness.
  • Don't hate yourself for the words of society. If someone laughs at you, just stay silent, let your positive actions speak to them.
  • Learning new things daily is a great job. Leaning doesn't end after school, but it doubles.
  • Do better today, and you'll get the best tomorrow. Don't wait for something to happen, make it happen with your actions.
  • Live happily, work hard. Never think of rest, as there's no rest at all. But one day, when you understand the concept of life, rest will become your actions of love...
  • Learn something new every day, let yourself feel that you are a true learner, if you can't concentrate, just focus reading or learning for twenty-one days, but learn for the real purpose. Don't force yourself in learning what you don't really love.

Detailed school life Quotes

“Work for your goal” - school life is the best time for learning about our goals, we can make a professional way for our dream, and educations always helps in this regard.
(Also read - quotes for love with images). 
“Before a bright day, there is always a dark night,” - don't always think to be success without hard work, we need to work harder in order to achieve something. We can't just wait for the result without writing exams.
“No one is born perfect,” – many people seem feeling low because they can't do something which others do. Remember, a teacher can't be ignored by judging it on the basis of an engineer. You are not born to do the same as others do. Everyone has different thinking at different moments. Just do what you love.
“never feel yourself limited,” – if you want to do something, but you feel that you can't, as you are not capable of it. It's wrong! You can do many things. Life often realizes us about our unique abilities. But sometimes we found ourselves success, while just having a try. And this is what makes us feel, we can do more.
“Try doing again by avoiding the process, you found the error.” –getting failed in life is a common activity. No one does everything accurately in life. Their process goes on by avoiding the mistakes they did. Trying new and unique things. Never get disappointed at first attempt. Try doing until you succeed.
“Try doing after knowing.” – don't leave yourself under a misconception, if you really want to know about something which has high impact in your life, then try to perform some activities towards your knowledge. Don't skip doing something, you can.
“Learn the purpose of learning.” – Everything that we get to read at school is not useless. They have got some impact on our life. History teaches us many things about how people were without technology, what mistakes they did, what they could do, and what best they did for us. Likewise, Everything we learn has something for our life. (Read - Quotes from teachers to students)
“know what you are.” – identity yourself, find out the uniqueness, present inside you. Try to do things that you love. It's not about enjoying, but also about doing and enjoying, which earning and learning. Your life must be friendly to you. 
“Success Is not always achieving.” – never think that you are a success, only when you get everything you want. But it's also your action and steps towards goals and aims.
Doing is better than being defeated without trying.” – always try doing, if you are doing something positive, and worth it, then have a try. Don't create a negative result without actually trying for once.
“concentrate on your life.” – focus on what you are, instead, what you are not. Understand your potential and keep going. Always start with yourself.  
“Don't lower others in your thinking.” – same like you, everyone has got some unique abilities. Don't insult or laugh at others, because they may be better than you somewhere.

School life quotes
School life quotes 

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School life.

Everyone must love schools because it helps us understand the way of life. In many ways, the school provides various types of knowledge to us.it allows us to keep going and learning new things.

Schools provide various types of knowledge to deal with society and also to stand straight at our decision.

Just keep learning and lobe your school. Never get demotivated with any uncertain actions.

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