290+ amazing good night quotes for lovers

Good night quotes for lovers - Time to wish a good night, but would you like to make it more special? Here we have provided a collection best good night quotes for lovers, use these good night quotes to wish your loved once with special - feeling quotes. There are even, good night quotes for GF/bf, for images, scroll down and there are some collection of good night images for lovers.

  • 290+ amazing good night quotes and Messages for lovers
    290+ amazing good night quotes and Messages for lovers

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Good night Quotes for all lovers:

  • This is a message to the beautiful girl in the world who is lying in the bed and reading it, good night, have a beautiful dream.
  • Even the most beautiful and sweetest dreams can't make me sleep, because it's always less when compared with a single day spent with you.
  • Goodnight my love, have a dream as beautiful as you are.
  • Goodnight my sweet, let's sleep and have a beautiful dream together.
  • Neither the day nor the night is beautiful for me, that's because I feel the beauty of my life only inside you, goodnight my wife.
  • I wanted to let you know that my day passes hoping to see your beautiful face, although it was not possible throughout the day, I preferred seeing you in my dream, goodnight my love, sweet dreams.
  • You are the best place for my mind to go when it searches for peace.
  • Good night quotes for lovers
    Good night quotes for lovers
  • The sun is now gone, and the moon has just arrived, so let's welcome its appearance by looking to it and reminding our hearts about the love we have towards each other. Good night my love.
  • My sunshine is always present for me, I don't fall in the darkness, as my sunshine is always inside the heart, it's you my love. Good night my sunshine, sleep well. love you forever.
  • May tonight you have a peaceful and lovely dream about us, as we dream of our future. Good night sweetheart.
  • I hope your day was worth having, now it's time to have a beautiful dream, so goodnight love, sleep nicely. I love you forever. You are always present inside me.
  • Let's sleep my love, wish you a warm goodnight, sleep well and feel me with you in your bed. If not, search me somewhere inside your heart.
  • The night has now arrived and the day has passed, but I want you to be happy for the beautiful mornings to come, goodnight my love has a sweet and beautiful dream.”
  • When I sow you the first time, I was unable to sleep, although I'm not relaxed now, your smile and beautiful shining face will allow sleeping and dreaming of them.
  • Goodnight sweetheart, hope you have a bright dream. Don't be scared, feel me somewhere around you, and there will be nothing to scare you.
  • Your love is such important for me that I would even cross various difficulties and come to have a beautiful life with you, goodnight my love sleep well.
  • I love you forever and ever, If there will be any moment when I forget you, it'll be the moment when I'll be no more. goodnight my love, you are my life.
  • Goodnight my sweet, sleep nicely as you have to wake up early and brighten up my future. Love you forever.
  • I can't express how much I'm missing you right now, just imagine that if I would be there, I would hug you for the whole night. goodnight my beautiful wife.
  • Sweetheart, I'm missing you much tonight, I can't just wait for days to come when we'll be together, so now I'm sleeping, and hoping to be together at the dream.
  • my love for you is never-ending, Everything I have maybe no more, but you and your love is not just a part, but it's my life. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you forever, just can't live without you, my wife.
  • I may not be always present with you physically,  but always feel me somewhere inside you. My situation may get harder, but my love will remain for you forever.
  • You are something which encourages me to do the impossible and turn into possible, just image your value in my life. You made my life beautiful. Goodnight sweetheart.
  • You may have heard people speaking of love failure, but let me tell you, ‘as long as you are honest and true with me, our relation will be happier and brighter, it's upon you my love. Goodnight, I love you forever.
  • Loving you doesn't mean to stop you from doing, but I would rather say that do what you love, but it must never hurt anyone.” goodnight my love, sleep well.
  • The sky is full of shining stars, but I never feel it brighter than my own starts, which is your two beautiful eyes. Goodnight sweetheart.
  • Let the night sing a beautiful Melody for you, which tends you sleeping because I know, you won't be able to sleep, as you are missing me now.
  • The day passed away and has just appeared, I wish I could be there hugging you and feeling you in my body, goodnight my love.
  • We will still be together even when the world would have broken, it doesn't matter what others feel about love. My concept is clear, that love means you and feeling myself inside you. Goodnight my dear.
  • The day is over, and night approaching to be here, let's welcome it and have a lovely dream. I love you forever. Goodnight my love.
  • I wish I could bring the starts to you so that your life starts shining forever. Goodnight my sweet, sleep well.
  • Your beautiful face is not allowing me to sleep, and I can't stopping thinking about you since you come in my life I feel like there no day and night, goodnight my wife.
  • I can't stop thinking about you whole the day, your beautiful face and lovely voice still sound me like I'm something special in the world. Goodnight honey, have a sweet dream.
  • I remember you before I sleep and after I wake up, that means I always remember you.
  • I just hate the darkness while I feel while I'm far from you, and there's no other darkness to darken my life. I just want to make my life inside you. Good night my dear.
  • Good night quotes and text messages for lovers, gf, BF.
    Good night quotes and text messages for lovers, GF, BF.

goodnight quotes for her:

  • I hope your day was good and I wish that the day will be much better tomorrow. As you wake up, just remember me from your heart, goodnight my queen, have a beautiful dream. I love you forever.
  • You are light of my life, you can't just understand it, because only I can feel that. You are important to me and my life. Goodnight my wife, sleep well.
  • Hello Dear, I know you may be tired now, but try remembering me and the moments we passed together, you may feel a little healthy. Goodnight my princess, have a romantic dream.
  • I love you dear, not just because you are important to me, but also because there is something important when we are together. Goodnight, have a bright and beautiful dream sweety.
  • Now is the time to forget all that was wrong, and to have a deep sleep. So just sleep and know that you are important for someone. Goodnight my dear.
  • There are many beautiful faces in the world, but none are visible to me, in front of you. I hope you understood your value for me. Never feel low, you are special for me. I love you, sweetheart.  goodnight, have a warm and beautiful dream.
  • I love you, sweetheart, I will love you forever. Goodnight, have a sweet and beautiful dream.
  • Where my life starts and ends, same as my days starts and ends with you, sleep well my queen. Wish you have a beautiful night.
  • There nothing bigger for me in the world, except your love and with you, I'm totally fulfilled. Have a beautiful night.
  • You can't see my love towards you, but I hope you'll understand it one day, I don't promise to be, but I guarantee that we will live together forever.
  • I don't like sharing my stories with you, but I don't want to let you know that you are something important for me, as I feel alive while we are together. Good night my sweet angel.
  • No one can separate us, but there must be one commitment from both, that whatever we do, there will be nothing will let us go away with each other.
  • You are something more than what you are for me. You are something more special than what you look at. And I prefer not saying it to you, as we should feel the beauty of love without trying to explain with someone else.
  • Love doesn't mean to stop someone from doing something, but it's always important to guide someone who doesn't notice while doing wrong. Never mind my queen, I may stop you because it's worth. Goodnight, love you forever.
  • Love for you cannot be explained in simple words. I just want you to feel it, from the messages I send you before you wake up. Good night sweety.
  • The starts are shinning at the sky, but I'm sorry to those who can only feel it within the darkness, as my star is always there with me. Good night my bright star, be with me forever.
  • Goodnight to the beautiful lady, hope you had a tasty dinner. Don't forget to serve me dinner through your beautiful Messages.
  • When you kiss me, I don't feel like to kiss you back, but hold you forever in my arms.
  • Before you came in my life, I was just living for the sack of living, but now I live wondering to live with you, more than what could imagine.
  • When you are sad I feel like to hug and remind you, that you are still something important for some time than his own life. Be happy about it. Good night my life.
  • By loving you, I don't expect what others do, as I only want you to know about the significance of having a beautiful life partner in life. Goodnight my future wife.
  • People may speak about beaking start for their beloveds, but I don't prefer lying, Rather, I say ‘i will hold your hand forever.’ goodnight my beautiful love.
  • Love is something that makes others feel more about themselves. But it doesn't work with everyone, and I'm lucky as it does for me. I love you, angel.
  • If you really feel unhappy to be with me, that's ok, you have to live your own life, but before, make a true promise to me that wherever you go, there must be a smile with you forever.
  • By wishing you good night, I can't express my love for you, but let me remind you. Whenever I fall, I stood up hoping that I have to stand to walk with you in life.
  • Good night to my beautiful princess, lie down and rest tonight, as when I will be present in your bed, I would hug you throughout the night.
  • To have a beautiful fruit, there must be a healthy seed planted, similarly, to have a beautiful morning we must have a beautiful night. So lie down my wife have a sweet and shiny night.
  • May your happiness remains within forever, may your smile smiles like the beauty of your smile. Good night my love, have a sweet and beautiful dream.
  • Good night to that beautiful lady who wakes me up not from her voice, but from the affection of hers in my life.

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  • You are the starts in my world, you are sunshine too. I don't need any reason, but feelings to live with you. Good night my love, with me forever.
  • I just want to let you know, that you importance in my life, is great than that of mine, if you are with me, I'm always well and fine. 
  • Neither the day nor the night is long for me, your arms are the places where I always want to be. Good night my sweet love. Have a peaceful dream along with me.
  • I love you not because I want to get something in return, but to share and live with you, from all that I have and I will earn. Good night my sweet love.
  • I can't be there with you forever, but feel me with you, even in the dreams forever and ever.
  • If you are here in my support, there's nothing in life that I can't effort.
  • Good night my love, may happiness surround you with love and peace, don't sleep, let me come and give you a kiss.
  • I can't stop thinking of you, you are always present with me, I found every meaning of life inside you. Good night my love, sleep well and wake up with a bright hope next morning.
  • You are the beautiful dream I will ever have, that's not a fact, but the truth.
  • I will do whatever it takes to keep you smiling, I don't know about you feel, but for me, you are something without which I'm incomplete, good night my true love.
  • Good night my love, let's go to bed and wait for the beautiful dream to come.
  • Waking up early and having a good day is only possible when we sleep with expectations for having it.
  • When I look at the sky, I don't see the starts as others do, because either I look up or down, my star is always inside my heart. Good night my love, have an awesome dream.
  • Good night to the beautiful lady of my life. May sweet dream comes to her and makes her happy.
  • Where there will be nothing left with me, I will still have the most precious thing of my life and it's nothing else, but you and your love, good night sweetie.
  • Good night my love, wish you have a beautiful dream tonight and a wonderful morning tomorrow.
  • I can't stay far from you, but when I'll be, then your love and memories will make me feel alive, good night my wife.
  • Good night quotes to make him/her feel your love and care for them:
  • Good night my world. Before I sleep, I just pray for those whom I feel as related to my life.
  • I don't like hearing the night dreams from you, but Rather, I like it when you share something that you achieved. Good night my strong belief.
  • When I don't get a dream, I don't frustrate, but a simple request to full fill the dreams of those who really wait for it. Good night my life.
  • I love to see the sky at night, that's full of stars, but that would be really inspiring when I see you at the top, shining more than the stars.
  • Before you came in my life, there was nothing like for which I could really change myself, but now I have the reason as you are here.
  • Loving someone is not the ultimate thing to be done. But still loving someone even after knowing that there's nothing in return, is a reasonable love.
  • Good night sweetheart, sleep well and have a sweet dream. May your dreams come true and truthful as you are.
  • I can't let you go far from me, I will just let you know that there's more happiness when we are together.
  • Good night my love, sleep well and wake up healthy the next morning. May your will and dedication help you achieve more than what you expect.

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  • Good night images for lovers
    Good night images for lovers 
  • Good night quotes for love
    Good night quotes for love
  • Good night love quotes
    Good night love quotes 
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    Good night quotes for her 
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    Good night images with quotes 
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    Good night messages for lovers

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    Good night quotes for girlfriend
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    Good night messages for love
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    Good night my love quotes 
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    Love quotes with good night images
    Good night wishes for lovers
    Good night wishes for lovers 

Good night quotes for showing their importance in our life 

  • May your happiness remains with you forever, may you get all you want in life, but don't forget that I'm too a part of your life. Good night my sweet and beautiful wife.
  • Let the world sleep, I'm still awake hoping that someone is dreaming about me, so lie down on the bed and have a beautiful dream.
  • Truly speaking, I can't find any happiness bigger than you, if other's are more than you are much more to me. Good night my love sleep well.
  • Do you know, what makes me feel like waking up early in the morning? Sure! It's you and your love because I have to be something better in the future in order to make you mine forever. Good night my love.
  • The day has come to an end, now it's for me to hold the pillow and feel your presence, I know it's not possible because there is nothing in the world, which can provide your feeling to me, except you. Good night my sweet love.
  • Let's sleep sweetie, as you have to wake up early and brighten my life. 
  • The moon is something doubtful for me, as I sometimes feel like why there is something, even more, brighter they that, because whether I look up or down, I feel you brighten than anything else in the world. Good night my love.
  • I never wondered that if there would be something more important than myself for me, but today I have you and you make me feel the reason for which I live.
  • For others, love may be something different from mine, as I love myself more because there is someone who is loving me more than that. Good night my affectionate love.
  • You are too important for me, as I'm for you, in life whenever I feel like to give up, I just remember you and it makes me feel like there's nothing impossible. Good night my dear, have a prosperous dream.
  • I would not seek your permission for entering your dream, as I know that I'm given full right to come and hug you tonight. 

Good night short quotes and messages

  • Good night dear, hope you found the soft bad warm because I wonder how would you spend this night without me? 
  • Hello my dear, now it's time to sleep and have a beautiful dream. Sleep well. I love you.
  • If you feel afraid just make a call to me. I'll come to you as soon as you hold the phone. as I'm always present in your heart.
  • People say that their night is lonely without someone. But my night is not. Because after I sleep I get you in my dreams. Good night my dream.
  • Sleeping is always a big task for me. I never want to live a moment without you. 
  • When I'm extremely sad, either I go to sleep or I call you because I feel alive when I'm with you. 
  • Good night dear, let's go to bed and sleep, I've come for you in the dream, wherein darkness and moonlight, I will come for you. 
  • I can live every moment of life happily if you agree to be mine forever. 
  • I hope your day was nice, but don't get satisfied as you are to have a better day tomorrow. Good night.
  • Without you my nights are lonely, with you it feels colorful and bright. Good night my wife.
  • Good night love, let's sleep and have a peaceful dream together.
  • Your presence makes me feel something more important than I'm. Good night my love.
  • Let's sleep because it's getting late and the bed is waiting for us.
  • Don't feel alone tonight. I may come in your dream and make my dream successful.
  • Good night sweetheart, let's go to bed and get ourselves ready for the upcoming bright day.
  • I love you forever, and there can't be a day when I will forget to wish you from my heart, ‘Good night have a beautiful dream.’
  • You are important for me, as you know that day passes hoping to see your beautiful smile. Good night.
  • Sleep my dear, don't awake for long. You'll have to make yourself fit in order to handle your king.
  • My dear, I never found anyone much stronger than you, because you are someone who can control my angel and make me smile. I love you.
  • Every start can't shine themselves. Likewise, the reason behind my shining is your love. Good night.
  • Let's go to bed and think about each other. Don't mind if I sleep because getting with you in the dream, is much better than just thinking of you.
  • Good night quotes for true lovers:
  • Hello my dear, I hope you are to sleep now but don't just sleep, make it something special by coming into my dream and make it special.
  • The day when I sow you, I didn't feel you like a girl but someone who is made for me to make my life better along.
  • I don't inspire myself through words, but your beautiful smile is a reason for me to work hard and bring you much closer forever. Good night my love.
  • I wish to have you with me in my arms so that I can feel better.
  • When I hugged you for the first time, I felt the real importance of mine in the world. Good night dear.
  • If God would ask me whether to choose money or you, I would have chosen money, because either you were not will far from me, as I feel you inside me. Good night sweetheart.
  • I couldn't be your Everything first, but let me be your everything last. Good night love.
  • Wishing you a good night, just remember me once before I sleep. It will inspire me to understand that you too love me as I do.
  • Our love is never-ending, although we may separate, you'll always be there in my heart. 
  • I never tell you to love me back, but only suggest to smile, as there is someone who always wishes to see it in your face.
  • One day I will not ask where are you, or how are you, just because you will be lying next to me in the bed.
  • I love you forever, my love for myself may end one day, but as long as I can breathe I will love you, sweetheart.
  • I never want you to go with any other, just because of I don't think everyone is capable to care and love for you, as I do. Good night.
  • My love, one day will come when you will be no far, and I will just ask you to wake up.
  • May your smile stays with you forever, and your love for me would remain the same.


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