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99+ Quotes for Facebook, cover photo, profile pic and more

In this article, we tried to mention the best quotes for Facebook posts, profile pic. Cover photo etc.

You can also use the quotes for Facebook DP, status, Facebook post and much more.

These Facebook quotes are self-made, and somehow inspired by other sources, anyhow, it doesn't matter where from the quotes are, we assure that you would like them once used for Facebook.

Quotes are really impressive for using as the Facebook status, or Facebook DP.

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Read all the quotes and I assure! You'll get some according to your choice.

Let's start with;

Quotes in images for Facebook;

Below are the images with quotes for Facebook profile picture. You can use these images as your profile picture.

We have tried to make beautiful images with quotes that can be used for Facebook profile picture or dp, status and more.

You can also download these images for Facebook profile picture and use it.

Quotes for Facebook bio
Quotes for Facebook bio

Quotes for Facebook
Quotes for Facebook

Quotes for Facebook post
Quotes for Facebook post 

Quotes for Facebook DP
Quotes for Facebook DP

Quotes for Facebook cover photo
Quotes for Facebook cover photo

Quotes for Facebook status
Quotes for Facebook status
This image is about quotes for Facebook
This image is about quotes for Facebook

This image is for, quotes for Facebook DP or status
This image is for, quotes for Facebook DP or status 

Facebook quotes in images
Facebook Quotes in images

Quote in image, for Facebook profile pic.
Quote in an image, for a Facebook profile pic.

Image for Facebook
Image for Facebook 
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Quotes for Facebook bio;

  • “I never pray to be alive, but to smile as long as I'm alive.”
  • “Maybe I'm always silent somewhere, and it's doesn't mean I can't talk, but I wonder whether people have that quality to understand me.”
  • “Hate me, I won't hate you back, love me, I'll make you feel the love that you never ever wondered of.”
  • “My life is so simple, that I can't even cry for being alone forever.”
  • “There's nothing I can't achieve because what I have is what I wanted.”
  • “No matters how others treat me, as they don't matter, I cry while in pain not they, it's the reason I don't care for haters.”
  • “Live your life as you always wanted, smile to be lucky for being alive.”
  • “I don't wanna look smart, but just want to be.”
  • “There are people always speaking negatively for me, but I don't think I was born to please everyone.”
  • “I'm not the one who search for reasons to laugh at others, but I just wish for making others smile.”
  • “I can't keep you happy Every time, but I can't even see you sad.” – love quotes
  • “I like everyone because I think everyone knows, how it feels when someone dislikes them.”
  • “I keep patience for having the right things at the accurate time. But it doesn't mean that I'm weak.”
  • “I forgive everyone, as I don't think anyone worthy of hearing my words.”
General information

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays, everyone likes using Facebook and to have lots of friends.

Although Facebook is much more nowadays, one of the most important things to do there is, sharing our pictures and getting likes.

But what when it comes to quality? Because just sharing normal pics. Won't make us up to date, we need something special for our friends and those who are in touch with us.

I'm talking about quotes.

Today lots of people are searching quotes for Facebook, and here in this article, we have mentioned both quotes and images for Facebook.

About life quotes for facebook

“Many people know to hurt others, but few have that heart to be a reason for someone's smile.”
“Respect everyone equally, even when they don't deserve it. It doesn't mean what is the return, what you give is what you are.”
“Neither the day nor the night is interesting until good memories are added there.”
“If you love me, just have me a favor, leave me alone.”
“Don't push the life to go forward, just go ahead of it and it'll follow you.”
“Start fresh and healthy you'll have no reason to close it.”
“Stop lying to yourself, so there can be an understanding of how are you fooling yourself.”
“Those with high patience are those with ideas of how long a is a problem, a problem.”
“Don't search for a reason to show others down, instead find opportunities to help someone.”
“Never try looking so great, as you aren't.”
“Do things positive and positive will happen to you.”
“Start with what you have, that's enough for the growth.”
“Situations are not the problems, but the attitude to react to them.”
“You won't have anything to love if cannot love yourself first.”
“We are all a part of the world, together we can change it.”
“Love yourself more, for something you are, rather than something you pretend to be.”
“Quite those paths which lead you nowhere.”
“Those are uneducated who can abuse someone in English.”
“Get the key for going long, rather results for a single time.”
“Stay happy for no reason, and you'll find some real reasons for it.”
“Don't force yourself for doing something, you don't like and it's not important.”
“Have lots of relationships in life, but never have fake people on them.”
“Your identity is not what you think, but what you do. Make sure to show the world, the real you.”
“Stay focused on something, you'll learn the importance of doing it throughout life.”
“Never reject a helping hand to those who need, but never expect the return.”
“Say no to those who make you something you never wanted to be.”
“Live the life you always wanted, and see the beauty inside, what your eyes always expected.”
“Life is not about living the whole life looking at others and laughing, by doing it so, life will laugh at you.”
“Success is a part of daily life, thinking and feeling, it's not an object to buy.”
“It's very easy to fall in love, but very hard to find someone who catches.”
“Not everyone will smile for you, but not everyone matters.”
“If someone doesn't like you, don't repeat the same, but just forget as they exist.”
“Showing is not the art of life, but it's the vision problem if someone is living their life.”
“Love is a feeling which will take you long when focused at one, but will lose your own direction if tried catching all.”
“Have patience and you'll not only win the match but also become its leader.”
“World doesn't care for you, if someone is responsible for your life, it's you.”
“Not doing is not a problem, but not starting.”

Quotes for the Facebook cover photo 

  • “You are much important than of those whose actions make you weak, ignore them and walk ahead.”
  • “Life is not as small as the thinking of those who never thought something bigger than their own thinking.”
  • “Don't look back to regret, but to feel the changes made, and smile for them, be happy for how much you have improved.”
  • “Success is not the number of things we have, but the attitude towards Everything that's present now.” 
  • “Keep moving as no one is born to stay at a place forever if you stop, time shall pass, it's the sign, no one wants you stopped.”
  • “Problems are the truth of how much you know and how much you can, about doing or knowing something.”
  • “Keep yourself close to the imagination after success, you'll get the key to making corrective actions.”
  • “Let the world laugh, find out the potential of yours and how long you have been working for it.”
  • “Never limit yourself as it doesn't matter what's the action is, you know what better suits you.”
  • “Keep the eye close to the success, you'll find the obstacles the best teacher for it.”
  • “Do things like it was never old, find something new everywhere, If you can't, just create it.”
  • “Life is not to understand, but to do after understanding.”
  • “Success doesn't matter how much you did, but what you did.”
  • “A real human never criticize others for their failure, but understands the contribution of others towards their success or failure.”
  • “Don't just know about it, do it.”
  • “You'll only grow if you really want.”

quotes for facebook profile

  • “I'm proud to be what I'm and I'm happy to live what I do.”
  • “If my actions give you a problem, I'm sorry.. but it's your problem๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.”
  • “Studying is not my hobby or goal, but it's the path through which I can reach all my Destination.”
  • “Be truthful, be honest, be yourself.”
  • “Sad is the moment people don't want to be in, but happiness at the moment, people afraid of going out.”
  • “When you look deep inside yourself, there will be a hero locked, let him come out.”
  • “Start from what you have.”
  • “See good in everything, and everything will be seen good for you.”
  • “Live your own life, why to wonder for others! You may be left alone looking and others doing.”
  • “Know about reality, don't get fooled by yourself.”
  • “The boy is still a child who thinks to act like biggest than everyone.”
  • “Stop doing those which hurts someone, you'll feel much better while doing something useful.”
  • “Great are the people with love for others, as same as their love for themselves.”
  • “Legends are not those who don't show, but it's seen.”
  • “Stay away from those who can't give anything but make the loss of something you already have.”
  • “Follow the rules of life, and life will follow you back.”
  • “Being wise matters when someone never tries to show them.”
  • “Love makes life live.”

Quotes for Facebook DP

“Do whatever it takes to reach the destination which takes you to live, don't be lazy knowing you couldn't because you didn't.”
“Allow the human inside to speak sometimes, laziness often weaken the strength, always wanted to be out.”
“Life teaches lessons which when compared, there's no teacher live it.”
“Im really very weak, as I know I can't win from a looser.”
“Stop doing those things which only only hurt you, but also break someone's believe.”
“Nice things are perfect at the right location.”
“Not everyone is same as me, as not everyone is lucky.”
“Don't stay busy finding the answer, life may change it's quotestions.”
“Beauty lies on the actions by those with different faces.”
“Live as if you have already wasted much and no more wish to do it.”
“Keep yourself happy for the reason that you were sometime a failure and now succeed.”
Conclusion (Final words about quotes for Facebook).

So these were the quotes that we had to share with you. We hope you like the collection and use some of the quotes for your Facebook needs.

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